Monday, January 11, 2010

442.325 Repeater Link

The Middlesboro/Jonesville repeater is now linked with 444.050 (100Hz) Williamsburg and 444.050 (100Hz) Shelbyville, Ky with coverage into Louisville, and just across the Ohio River into Indiana. Williamsburg also hosts 52.07/53.07 and a 2 Meter simplex link for McCreary County.

Jonesville currently has some issues, but those will be addressed when weather/time permits.

Williamsburg to Shelbyville....IRLP via Reflector
WB4IVB to System........IRLP via Reflector
Middlesboro to WB4IVB Corbin......RF Link
Middlesboro to Jonesville......RF Link

Note above: For example, if 444.050 in Williamsburg was off the air, Middlesboro would still be linked to Shelbyville 444.050 via IRLP via the Michigan Reflector and vice-versa.

The system will use radio rf links and IRLP (NOT ECHOLINK) via the internet. As some of you know, I was the first IRLP node in the state Ky, about seven years ago. I have had a ton of fun listening and talking all over the US and several other countries.

I have decided to use my node/radio to link 442.325 into these other repeaters on a full time basis. The Reflector that will host our IRLP links is located in Michigan. Since the Reflector is "Open" to any IRLP station, there may be any number of repeaters or simplex nodes connected at any given time. My experience this week has been that there are some nodes that will link for a couple of hours, then disconnect the link. But, I will keep my link on 24/7 except for maint/updates.

Feel free to use the system. One thing to keep in mind is that there are some delays with all the switching/audio processing that is taking place. I try to key the mic, and pause a second, keeping the mic keyed, before talking. If you "quick-key" the first word or so, can be lost. However, it okay to pause a some point, giving other stations a chance to drop in, but do not get into the habit of letting the entire system drop on every transmission. That just adds to the delay time. If you don't like to pause after you key your mic, then key, and give your callsign, and then continue with your conversation. If two stations are using the same repeater, then they will not see any reason to do this, but keep in mind someone else in another city may miss your first word or so.

This system is also linked to the Frankfort, Ky Emergency Operations Center. The EOC may contact you for weather or other related info. Frankfort is working on a City/Repeater coverage map, and will probably be working on some nets to get a idea of the coverage.

Do not be intimidated by the system being linked. Use it........There will be small talk, coffee meeting runs, and general ham fun. There are a lot of fairly new hams on this system.

My repeater 444.900 in Corbin will not be added into the system at this time. I feel that between 444.050 and 442.325 the coverage will overlap. I may link in at times, with additional links for nets/emergencies.



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